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Table 9 The average latency and overhead for Query F, which retrieves on average 2.864 objects

From: Object-NoSQL Database Mappers: a benchmark study on the performance overhead

  1-node 9-node
Native driver Latency Overhead Latency Overhead
MongoDB 20.226μ s - 39.689μ s -
Kundera 27.989μ s 7.763μ s 49.889μ s 10.210μ s
EclipseLink 33.640μ s 13.414μ s 56.059μ s 16.370μ s
OGM 58.806μ s 38.580μ s 75.234μ s 35.545μ s
DataNucleus 77.093μ s 56.587μ s 81.628μ s 41.993μ s