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Table 3 Intersection of technologies for top two through top 15 organisations

From: On organisational involvement and collaboration in W3C standards through editorship

Tec   TP2 TP3 TP4 TP5 TP6 TP7-TP15
T1 OWL X      
T2 HTML X X     
T3 SPARQL X      
T4 RDF X      
T6 DOM X X X X X  
T11 SOAP X X X X   
T12 Graphics X X     
T14 Linked Data X      
T16 Accessibility (All) X      
T18 SVG X X     
T24 WSDL X      
T35 XML Signature X X     
T38 XHTML Modularization X      
T48 Accessible Rich Internet Applications X      
T53 XML Encryption X