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Table 7 Intersection of technologies for top two through top 15 countries

From: On organisational involvement and collaboration in W3C standards through editorship

Tec   Tp2 Tp3 Tp4 Tp5-Tp15
T1 OWL X X   
T2 HTML X X   
T4 RDF X X   
T5 XQuery X X   
T9 XPath X X   
T10 CSS X    
T12 Graphics X X X  
T14 Linked Data X X   
T18 SVG X    
T19 RDF Relationship to Other Formats X    
T20 XML X X   
T23 MathML X    
T24 WSDL X X   
T27 XSLT X    
T29 Government Linked Data X X   
T30 RDFa X    
T31 Internationalization of XML X X   
T32 Internationalization of Web Architecture X X   
T33 eGovernment X X   
T35 XML Signature X    
T36 Web Services Addressing X X   
T37 Mobile Web Applications X    
T41 XML Design Techniques X    
T43 CSV on the Web X    
T46 CC/PP X    
T52 Internationalization of Web Design and Applications X    
T59 WebCGM X    
T68 InkML X    
T81 Web Architecture X