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Table 1 IoT use cases

From: Model-driven development of user interfaces for IoT systems via domain-specific components and patterns

Use case Description Actor Main tasks
Configure access and permissions Allows the application owner or the administrator, to set the access rights for users, teams or roles. Administrator ∙ Manage users, teams & roles
    ∙ Access configuration
    ∙ Permission configuration
    ∙ Visualize information
Interact with devices Allows the user to send a set of operations to the devices, which are in charge to perform them. Administrator performer viewer ∙ Send operations
    ∙ Manage routines
Manage devices Allows the user to manage and configure the devices which belong to the system. Administrator ∙ Include devices in the system
    ∙ Remove devices from system
    ∙ Manage categories
    ∙ Include devices to categories
    ∙ Assign a location
Manage wait for signal Allows the user to connect the terminal to the network and start listening to the devices of that network. Administrator performer viewer ∙ Activate wait for signal
    ∙ Deactivate wait for signal
Manage notifications Allows the user to receive the notifications coming from different devices directly or through an external system. Administrator performer viewer ∙ Visualize notification
    ∙ Save notification
    ∙ Delete notification
Search devices Allows the user to search for devices already registered to the system, belonging to the local or to external networks. Administrator performer viewer ∙ Search a specific device
    ∙ Search devices by category
    ∙ Search devices by criteria
Store information Defines how the system can store the information gathered by different devices about the environment or the state of the devices. Administrator ∙ Store locally the information
    ∙ Store externally the info
    ∙ Store in a device the info
Retrieve stored information Allows the user to retrieve information stored in the terminal or in an external system. Administrator performer viewer ∙ Local information retrieval
    ∙ External information retrieval
Get information from devices Allows the user to request information to the devices of the network. Administrator performer viewer ∙ Get information from devices associated to the application
    ∙ Get information from devices associated to the external system
    ∙ Get information from devices of the same network
Visualize information Allow the user to visualize the information related to or produced by devices in different ways. Administrator performer viewer ∙ Display information
Share information Allow the user to share information through a communication channel with other users or systems. Administrator performer viewer ∙ Share information