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Table 2 User interaction patterns

From: Model-driven development of user interfaces for IoT systems via domain-specific components and patterns

Pattern Description
Master details and multi-details Present some items and a selection permits the user to access the details of one instance at a time.
Multi-level master details Also called cascaded index, consists of a sequence of lists over distinct classes, such that each List specifies a change of focus from one object, selected from the index, to the set of objects related to it via an association role. In the end, a single object is shown.
Default selection Simulates a user’s choice at the initial access of a list, thus selecting a default instance.
Multi-field form Form for submitting information through several fields.
Preloaded field Variant of Multi-field Form where some fields are preloaded with existing values.
Pre-assigned selection field Form where the value of a selection field is pre-selected.
Data lookup Useful for data entry task that involves a complex form with choices among many options, such as in the case of form filling with large product catalogs.
Cascade selection fields Useful for data entry task that involves entering a set of selections which have some kind of dependency between each others.
Basic search Keyword search upon a collection of items.
Location-aware search Enables search of items that are related and close to the current user position.
Login Recognizes and checks for validity a user-provided identity.
User management Shows and enables editing application-dependent information associated with the identity of an authenticated user.