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Table 1 Main characteristics of the generative models of online discussion threads: the features, whether the predicted thread is a tree-like structure, whether threads grow in discrete or continuous time, and the datasets and structural properties used for the parameter estimation and the validation of the model

From: Generative models of online discussion threads: state of the art and research challenges

Model Ref. Features Structure Time Datasets Str. properties
Kumar et al. [83] Popularity, Novelty, Reciprocity Tree Discrete Y! Groups, Usenet, Twitter Size, Depth, Degree
Wang et al. [84] Popularity Tree Continuous Digg, Reddit, Epinions Size
Gómez et al. [85] Popularity, Novelty, Root-bias Tree Discrete Slashdot, Barrapunto, Wikipedia, Menéame Size, Depth, Degree
Backstrom et al. [86] Novelty, Arrival patterns, Text expressions, Social influence Array Continuous Facebook, Google+, Wikipedia Size
Nishi et al. [87] Popularity, Segment lengths Tree Discrete Twitter Size, Depth, Shapes
Lumbreras et al. [88] Popularity, Novelty, Root-bias, User Role Tree Discrete Reddit Size, Depth, Degree
Aragón et al. [89] Popularity, Novelty, Root-bias, Reciprocity Tree Discrete Menéame Size, Depth, Degree