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Table 3 External linkages between supporting entities

From: Support mechanisms provided by FLOSS foundations and other entities

  Supporting entities Identified linkage
1 ASF - Eclipse Eclipse is providing plugins to Apache projects.
[­plugin­apache /]
2 ASF- Mozilla Linkage not identified
3 ASF - Twitter Twitter is sponsoring ASF financially.
Twitter is also contributing in ASF projects through their committers.
4 ASF-JBOSS JBoss web server collaborated / integrated with Apache http server.
5 ASF - Debian The Debian is providing Apache’s packages to install Apache software under Debian operating system.
6 Wikimedia -Debian The Debian provides packages for MediaWiki
7 Wikimedia - SMC Linkage not identified
8 Wikimedia -Openstack Wikimedia is using Openstack to build test and development infrastructure.
9 Wikimedia -Homebrew Linkage not identified
10 Wikimedia - KDE Linkage not identified
11 KDE - Debian KDE desktop environment softwares are tieup with Debian.
There is also KDEDebian maintenance team on KDE software’s successful installation on Debian environment.
12 KDE - VideoLan Linkage not identified
13 KDE - XBMC Linkage not identified
14 KDE - Gentoo Gentoo is providing Packages for KDE desktop applications.
15 Mozilla -OWASP Mozilla is using OWASP security tools and addons for its firefox browser.
16 The Xfce Desktop - Mozilla The Xfce desktop provides addons for Mozilla Thunderbird application.
17 Mozilla - Debian Mozilla Debian team provides various versions of Mozilla related packages on Debian OS based systems.
18 Saltstack - Mozilla Linkage not identified
19 Mozilla - Adobe Adobe provides plugins to Mozilla firefox browser
20 Mozilla-OpenStack Mozilla has experimented the Openstack cloud infrastructure and services.
21 HomeBrew-Mozilla For installation of Mozilla addons on the OS X, the homebrew provides packages.
22 Mozilla-LLVM project Mozilla uses the LLVM’s Clang compiler to compile the Firefox browser.
23 Twitter-Mozilla Twitter provides addons for mozilla firefox browser
24 Twitter-HomeBrew Linkage not identified
25 Los Alamos – Debian The Los Alamos computer systems are preinstalled with Debian operating system.
26 Los Alamos - VideoLAN Linkage not identified
27 Los Alamos - Gentoo Linkage not identified
28 Tarent Solutions – Debian The employee of the Tarent is a maintainer/contributor of Debian.
29 Tarent Solutions – Gentoo Linkage not identified
30 Tarent Solutions – Miros The founder of the Miros Project organization is also an employee at Tarent Solutions Gmbh. []
He is the lead developer and manager of the FLOSS projects at these two organizations.
Some of the commits to the Miros Project were sponsored by Tarent.
31 The Xfce Desktop - Debian The Xfce is one of the desktop options in the Debian desktop.
32 The Xfce Desktop - OS Geo Linkage not identified
33 Debian ­ OS Geo Debian provides packages to OS Geo applications.
34 The Miros Project - Debian Miros Project founder and manager is the maintainer at Debian project.
35 Adobe - Black Berry Black Berry is host and distributing Adobe applications for its mobiles
[ &countrycode = SE]
36 German Neuroinformatics - Mozilla Linkage not identified
37 Yahoo - Openstack Yahoo has gold membership at Openstack foundation. Yahoo provides funding to Openstack.
Yahoo is also using Openstack cloud computing platform for its operations and services.
38 Genivi – Debian The founder of Debian automotive is a key person at Genivi alliance.
39 Saltstack – ASF The Saltstack provides generic modules and functions to work with all implementations of Apache.
40 Adobe – ASF Linkage not identified
41 Adobe – Homebrew Linkage not identified
42 Gentoo – Miros Linkage not identified
43 Softlayer - Openstack Softlayer uses Openstack infrastructure for its business services.
44 Home Brew - KDE Home Brew is a package management software that easy installation of KDE’s application on OSX.
45 The miros project - Home Brew Linkage not identified
46 Plaimi – Gentoo Linkage not identified
47 Sony Mobile - Openstack The Sony Mobile uses Openstack as its backend platform, which hosts software for connecting online gamers.
48 Sony Mobile - Eclipse Linkage not identified
49 Sony Mobile - Logilab Linkage not identified
50 Argonne National Labs - HomeBrew Linkage not identified
51 Argonne National Labs - The LLVM Linkage not identified
52 CZ.NIC - Debian Linkage not identified
53 CZ.NIC - Homebrew Linkage not identified
54 The Grid - GNOME Linkage not identified