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Table 3 Servers and services tested

From: A new approach to deploy a self-adaptive distributed firewall

Server Vulnerability severity Running services
sadf-target01 HIGH JBoss 5.1.0; ProFTPD 1.3.4a
sadf-target02 MEDIUM Apache 2.4.6; Tomcat 8.5.16
sadf-target03 HIGH Apache 2.4.6; ProFTPD 1.3.4a
sadf-target04 MEDIUM Apache 2.4.6; MySQL 5.5.52
sadf-target05 NONE Tomcat 8.5.16
sadf-target06 MEDIUM Apache 2.2.15
sadf-target07 NONE MySQL 5.5.52
sadf-target08 MEDIUM Apache 2.4.6
sadf-target09 HIGH JBoss 5.1.0; Apache 2.2.15
sadf-target10 MEDIUM Apache 2.2.15; MySQL 5.5.52