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Table 7 Number of communities detected before and after noise removal

From: Who is really in my social circle?

Network Label Louvain Greedy optimization Infomap Leading Standard
  propagation modularity of modularity   eigenvector deviation
APS 17K/24K 5K/14K 7K/14K 73K/21K 5K/14K 26K/4K
PubMed 34K/49K 9K/20K 10K/21K 203K/35K 9K/19K 76K/12K
DBLP 60K/130K 30K/80K 37K/53K 352K/130K 28K/47K 126K/36K
Dartmouth 22/45 11/26 10/23 29/52 12/26 7.5/11.8
USC 9/141 10/130 8/130 42/146 13/127 12.9/7.4
Enron 3K/659 2K/559 2K/573 3K/767 1K/522 683/88