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Table 3 Top 20 corporate donors considering power metrics

From: Metrics for network power based on Castells’ Network Theory of Power: a case study on Brazilian elections

Donor Economic sector Amount donated Power
JBS S.A. Food industry R$461,906,491.50 (USD 139,971,664.09) 8,469,995.50
Camargo Correa S.A. Construction industry R$160,532,670.00 (USD 48,646,263.63) 5,736,437.16
Distribuidora Coimbra Food industry R$10,132,727.23 (USD 3,070,523.40) 2,344,361.60
MRM Construtora Ltda. Construction industry R$6,667,935.81 (USD 2,020,586.60) 2,243,714.02
Construtora OAS Ltda. Construction industry R$184,189,411.00 (USD 55,814,973.03) 2,180,936.95
Unimed-SP Health industry R$7,555,159.69 (USD 2,289,442.33) 2,119,977.49
Brasal Refrigerantes S.A Food industry R$6,048,827.65 (USD 1,832,978.07) 2,077,636.50
Banco BMG S.A. Bank R$77,434,500.00 (USD 23,465,000.00) 1,940,134.09
UTC Engenharia S.A. Construction industry R$97,757,244.08 (USD 29,623,407.29) 1,320,633.52
Schincariol Cervejas S.A. Food industry R$19,830,881.98 (USD 6,009,358.17) 1,294,333.36
Usina Caete S.A. Food industry R$4,859,941.20 (USD 1,472,709.45) 1,249,380.86
Serrana Emp. e Part. Ltda. Retail industry R$3,962,270.00 (USD 1,200,687.87) 1,217,237.53
Aracruz Celulose S.A. Mining and energy industry R$13,395,512.63 (USD 4,059,246.25) 1,196,812.41
Cia Brasileira Met e Min. Mining and energy industry R$25,208,000.00 (USD 7,638,787.87) 973,707.60
Vega Eng. Ambiental S.A. Construction industry R$20,007,000.00 (USD 6,062,727.27) 921,709.97
Serveng Civilsan S.A. Construction industry R$38,339,790.00 (USD 11,618,118.18) 872,402.45
CENECT Education R$3,270,514.89 (USD 991,065.11) 856,201.09
Petroquimica União S.A. Mining and energy industry R$6,930,000.00 (USD 2,100,000.00) 752,079.03
Caemi Mineracao e Met. S.A. Mining and energy industry R$22,970,000.00 (USD 6,960,606.06) 709,993.41
Bracol Holding Ltda. Health industry R$15,677,000.00 (USD 4,750,606.06) 703,110.32