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Table 4 Top 10 personal donors considering power metrics

From: Metrics for network power based on Castells’ Network Theory of Power: a case study on Brazilian elections

Donor Professional activity Amount donated Power
Marcelo Beltrão de Almeida Politician R$14,610,678.12 (USD 4,427,478.21) 1,723,709.53
Ronaldo Cesar Coelho Politician R$9,024,500.00 (USD 2,734,696.96) 1,563,693.91
Alexandre Grendene Bartelle Textile industry R$11,882,000.00 (USD 3,600,606.06) 706,411.27
Guilherme Peirão Leal Cosmetic industry R$16,558,265.64 (USD 5,017,656.25) 686,386.03
Maria Alice Setubal Banker R$3,254,700.00 (USD 986,272.72) 657,786.52
Jorge Alberto V. Studart Gomes Fertiliser industry R$19,491,668.70 (USD 5,906,566.27) 490,161.89
Sebastiao de Barros Quintao Politician R$5,704,349.46 (USD 1,728,590.74) 353,685.14
Manoel Salviano Sobrinho Politician R$1,526,950.00 (USD 462,712.12) 337,352.54
João G. Vasconcelos Politician R$1,252,000.00 (USD 379,393,93) 276,021.08