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Fig. 4

From: Graph mining for the detection of overcrowding and waste of resources in public transport

Fig. 4

Correlation between supply and demand of the bus network. The supply and demand of the Fortaleza bus system are correlated. It is possible to observe the correlations in the intervals: 5:01 to 8:00; 8:01 to 11:00, 11:01 to 14:00; 14:01 to 17:00; 17:01 to 20:00 and 20:01 to 23:00, respectively, in items (a-f). In all of the figures in this panel, the red lines represent linear regressions [36, 37] applied to the data, the blue contoured lines represent the Nadaraya-Watson method [38, 39], and the blue dashed lines delimit the interval of confidence 95% estimated by bootstrap [40, 41]

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