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Table 2 Tools supporting release management at OpenStack

From: Managing to release early, often and on time in the OpenStack software ecosystem

Tool Tool description Roles
Launchpad Collaboration and hosting platform Bug tracking and discussion of blueprints.
Story board Task tracker Task tracking across multiple teams, repositories, and branches.
Git Distributed code repository system Hosting, version and revision control.
GnuPG Hybrid-encryption software For annotating and signing Git tags.
Gerrit Code review system Orchestrates peer review of proposed code changes over Git.
Jenkins Automation server Runs jobs of continuous iteration testing.
Zuul Pipeline oriented gating and automation Acts as a configurable gateway between Gerrit and Jenkins.
Logstash Pipeline and oriented analysis of jobs Analysis of logs.
Etherpad Collaborative online editor (real-time) For each stable branch, it aggregates information on current bugs, failures of the continuous integration jobs, known problems/issues, and on recently closed problems/issues as well.
Reno Release notes manager. Manages release notes in a standardized format.
Sphinx Documentation and specification generator. Integrates with Reno to generate reports containing release notes for specific branches and versions.
Mailman Software for managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter lists Official channel for discussion among developers. Results from code reviews, continuous integration testing, and code-merging are delivered by software bots via e-mail.
Freenode IRC Textual discussions of developer across different channels (achievable material).
MediaWiki Wiki software Collaborative documentation.