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Table 1 Summary of symbols

From: An optimization-based approach for efficient network monitoring using in-band network telemetry

Symbol Definition
G=(D, I) Physical infrastructure G.
D Set of programmable forwarding devices.
I Set of device interfaces.
δ(i) Interface i telemetry demand. The number of telemetry items to be collected from interface i.
F Set of active flows in G.
ρ(f) Set of interfaces through which packets from flow f are forwarded.
κ(f) Flow f telemetry capacity. The maximum number of items packets from flow f may transport.
Φ:IF An assignment function of device interfaces I to network flows F.
x i,f Binary variable which indicates whether flow f is assigned to cover interface iI.
y f Binary variable of the INTO Concentrate optimization model which indicates whether flow f is a telemetry-active flow.