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Table 7 Difficulties in online discussion forums

From: What to expect, and how to improve online discussion forums: the instructors’ perspective

Accompaniment difficultyD1Difficulty in following the forumI2, I3, I5, I7, I8
D2There are no resources to assist the instructorsI2, I3, I11, I12
D3Difficulties to view messagesI3, I6
D4There are no stats on the forumI3, I4, I9
D5There are no specific reportsI4, I5
Structural difficultyD6Instructors feel difficulties with forum structureI1, I2, I3, I8
D7Students have difficulty with the structure of the forumI5, I8, I10
D8Students have difficulty constructing the discussionI1, I3
D9Lack of visualization tools and flexibilityI1
D10Difficulty sending fileI5
D11Difficulties in putting students’ gradesI6
D12Delay in the update of commentsI9, I10
Motivation difficultyD13Difficulty to provide student feedbackI1, I4, I5
D14The forum is not currentI7, I8, I9
D15Students do not use the forumI1, I4, I10
D16Lack of collaborative resourceI7, I3
Structural difficulty and Motivation difficultyD17The forum is not like social mediaI7, I8, I9
D18Difficulty with forum interfaceI4, I10
D19Students prefer to use social media than the forumI7, I8, I12