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Table 1 gMidArch extensions

From: Adaptive middleware in go - a software architecture-based approach

Richer subset of CSPThe support to a more abundant subset of CSP operators used to specify the behaviour of architectural elements formally. The new set of supported operators includes external choice, parallel, and exception operators, and enable us to describe much more complex behaviours.
Agnostic ADLAn ADL, namely mADL, keeps middleware developers away from programming language specificities. Using the proposed ADL, developers only need to define the middleware software architecture that becomes the unique artefact needed to implement the middleware.
Richer subset of componentsThe architectural framework of MidArch was extended with execution environment and MOM specific components. This extension allows the implementation of publish/subscribe middleware systems in addition to the original support to RPC-based ones.
Customised execution environmentUse of software architecture principles to design the execution environment that is customised according to the middleware being implemented. This architecturization of the execution environment is an initial step for making viable its dynamic adaptation.
Evolutive adaptationDevelopment and runtime support to evolutive adaptation. The evolutive adaptation is important because it