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Table 2 Notation used in this work

From: Evaluating flight coordination approaches of UAV squads for WSN data collection enhancing the internet range on WSN data collection

Symbol Definition Used Values Symbol Definition Used Values
p Number of CH 70, 140 & 700 s UAV speed 20m/s
v Number of UAVs 2, 4, 8 & 16 T Period of Data Collection 72 hours
A CH Distribution Area 700 km2 pt UAV (re)preparation time 10 min
h Flight height 50 meters B UAV flight endurance 16 hours
R Radio range 100 meters MP Message payload 72 bytes
S Radio range path segment 71 meters ρ Radio transmition rate 250Kb/s
q QUDG 10% FT UAV failTax 10%
c Connection probability 90% MBTF UAV failPeriod MTBF 20 hours
α SINR alfa 2 Ci Data creation tax 1B/seg
β SINR beta 0.7 γ SINR noise 0.1