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Table 4 Primary studies

From: Software engineering techniques for statically analyzing mobile apps: research trends, characteristics, and potential for industrial adoption

ID Title Authors Year
P1 NeSeDroid–Android Malware Detection Based on Network Traffic and Sensitive Resource Accessing [45] N.T. Cam, N.C.H. Phuoc 2017
P2 Analyzing Remote Server Locations for Personal Data Transfers in Mobile Apps [68] M. Eskandari, B. Kessler, M. Ahmad, A. Santana de Oliveira, B. Crispo 2017
P3 MaMaDroid: Detecting Android Malware by Building Markov Chains of Behavioral Models [178] E. Mariconti, L. Onwuzurike, P. Andriotis, E. De Cristofaro, G. Ross, G. Stringhini 2017
P4 Ripple: Reflection Analysis for Android Apps in Incomplete Information Environments [300] Y Zhang, T Tan, Y Li, J Xue 2017
P5 AndroDialysis: Analysis of Android Intent Effectiveness in Malware Detection [75] A. Feizollah, N. B. Anuar, R. Salleh, G. Suarez, S. Furnell 2017
P6 Profiling the responsiveness of Android applications via automated resource amplification [246] Y. Wang, A. Rountev 2016
P7 Detecting Invalid Layer Combinations Using Control-Flow Analysis for Android [232] N. Suzuki, T. Kamina, K. Maruyama 2016
P8 Graph-aided directed testing of Android applications for checking runtime privacy behaviours [127] J.C.J. Keng, L. Jiang, T.K. Wee, R.K. Balan 2016
P9 Dexteroid: Detecting malicious behaviors in Android apps using reverse-engineered life cycle models [124] M. Junaid, D. Liu, D. Kung 2016
P10 IacDroid: Preventing Inter-App Communication capability leaks in Android [289] D. Zhang, R. Wang, Z. Lin, D. Guo, X. Cao 2016
P11 Practical, formal synthesis and automatic enforcement of security policies for android [21] H. Bagheri, A. Sadeghi, R. Jabbarvand, S. Malek 2016
P12 CapaDroid: Detecting Capability Leak for Android Applications [265] T. Wu, Y. Yang 2016
P13 Asynchrony-aware static analysis of Android applications [183] A. Mishra, A. Kanade, Y.N. Srikant 2016
P14 Identifying Android inter app communication vulnerabilities using static and dynamic analysis [61] B.F. Demissie, D. Ghio, M. Ceccato, A. Avancini 2016
P15 Towards Automatically Generating Privacy Policy for Android Apps [287] L. Yu, T. Zhang, X. Luo, L. Xue, H. Chang 2016
P16 Revisiting the Description-to-Behavior Fidelity in Android Applications [285] L. Yu, X. Luo, C. Qian, S. Wang 2016
P17 Triggerscope: Towards detecting logic bombs in android applications [82] Y. Fratantonio, A. Bianchi, W. Robertson, E. Kirda, C. Kruegel, G. Vigna 2016
P18 Automated test generation for detection of leaks in Android applications [292] H. Zhang, H. Wu, A. Rountev 2016
P19 Automatic Construction of Callback Model for Android Application [99] C. Guo, Q. Ye, N. Dong, G. Bai, J.S. Dong, J. Xu 2016
P20 Automated energy optimization of HTTP requests for mobile applications [143] D. Li, Y. Lyu, J. Gui, W.G.J. Halfond 2016
P21 Understanding and detecting wake lock misuses for Android applications [168] Y. Liu, C. Xu, S.C. Cheung, V. Terragni 2016
P22 Taming Android fragmentation: characterizing and detecting compatibility issues for Android apps [252] L. Wei, Y. Liu, S.C. Cheung 2016
P23 Reflection-aware static analysis of Android apps [149] L. Li, T.F. Bissyandé, D. Octeau, J. Klein 2016
P24 Automated testing and notification of mobile app privacy leak-cause behaviours [126] J.C.J. Keng 2016
P25 Finding resume and restart errors in Android applications [220] Z. Shan, T. Azim, I. Neamtiu 2016
P26 DroidRA: Taming Reflection to Support Whole-ProgramAnalysis of Android Apps [148] L. Li, T.F. Bissyandé, D. Octeau, J. Klein 2016
P27 Empirical assessment of machine learning-based malware detectors for Android [8] K. Allix, T.F. Bissyandé, Q. Jérome, J. Klein, Y. Le Traon 2016
P28 Effective detection of android malware based on the usage of data flow APIs and machine learning [264] S. Wu, P. Wang, X. Li, Y. Zhang 2016
P29 On the Static Analysis of Hybrid Mobile Apps [38] A.D. Brucker, M. Herzberg 2016
P30 Towards a Generic Framework for Automating Extensive Analysis of Android Applications [150] L. Li, D. Li, A. Bartel, T.F. Bissyandé, J. Klein, Y. Le Traon 2016
P31 Static Program Analysis for Identifying Energy Bugs in Graphics-Intensive Mobile Apps [129] C.H.P. Kim, D. Kroening, M. Kwiatkowska 2016
P32 Combining static analysis with probabilistic models to enable market-scale android inter-component analysis [194] D. Octeau, S. Jha, M. Dering, P. McDaniel, A. Bartel, L. Li, Y. Le Traon 2016
P33 DroidNative: automating and optimizing detection of android native code malware variants [6] S. Alam, Z. Qu, R. Riley, Y. Chen, V. Rastogi 2016
P34 Enabling Automatic Protocol Behavior Analysis for Android Applications [131] J. Kim, H. Choi, H. Namkung, W. Choi, B. Choi, H. Hong, D. Han 2016
P35 PERUIM: Understanding Mobile Application Privacy with permission-UI Mapping [156] Y. Li, Y. Guo, X. Chen 2016
P36 HybriDroid: Static analysis framework for Android hybrid applications [138] S. Lee, J. Dolby, S. Ryu 2016
P37 StubDroid: automatic inference of precise data-flow summaries for the android framework [11] S. Arzt, E. Bodden 2016
P38 FlowMine: Android app analysis via data flow [225] L. Sinha, S. Bhandari, P. Faruki, M.S. Gaur, V. Laxmi, M. Conti 2016
P39 Debugging energy-efficiency related field failures in mobile apps [25] A. Banerjee, H.F. Guo, A. Roychoudhury 2016
P40 State-Taint Analysis for Detecting Resource Bugs [272] Z. Xu, D. Fan, S. Qin 2016
P41 Fixing Resource Leaks in Android Apps with Light-Weight Static Analysis and Low-Overhead Instrumentation [164] J. Liu, T. Wu, J. Yan, J. Zhang 2016
P42 Relda2: an effective static analysis tool for resource leak detection in Android apps[266] T. Wu, J. Liu, X. Deng, J. Yan, J. Zhang 2016
P43 Detecting energy leaks in android app with poem [79] A. Ferrari, D. Gallucci, D. Puccinelli, S. Giordano 2016
P44 Lightweight measurement and estimation of mobile ad energy consumption [97] J. Gui, D. Li, M. Wan, W.G.J. Halfond 2016
P45 AppContext: Differentiating Malicious and Benign Mobile App Behaviors Using Context [278] W. Yang, X. Xiao, B. Andow, S. Li, T. Xie, W. Enck 2015
P46 Mining Apps for Abnormal Usage of Sensitive Data [15] V. Avdiienko, K. Kuznetsov, A. Gorla, A. Zeller, S. Arzt, S. Rasthofer, E. Bodden 2015
P47 CLAPP: characterizing loops in Android applications [81] Y. Fratantonio, A. Machiry, A. Bianchi, C. Kruegel, G. Vigna 2015
P48 Study and Refactoring of Android Asynchronous Programming [161] Y. Lin, S. Okur, D. Dig 2015
P49 Tracking the Software Quality of Android Applications Along Their Evolution [108] G. Hecht, O. Benomar, R. Rouvoy, N. Moha, L. Duchien 2015
P50 Covert Communication in Mobile Applications [211] J. Rubin, M.I. Gordon, N. Nguyen, M.C. Rinard 2015
P51 Static Window Transition Graphs for Android [276] S. Yang, H. Zhang, H. Wu, Y. Wang, A. Rountev 2015
P52 Static Analysis of Implicit Control Flow: Resolving Java Reflection and Android Intents [27] P. Barros, R. Just, S. Millstein, P. Vines, W. Dietl, M. D’Amorim, M.D. Ernst 2015
P53 String Analysis of Android Applications [60] J. Del Vecchio, F. Shen, K.M. Yee, B. Wang, S.Y. Ko, L. Ziarek 2015
P54 Interactively verifying absence of explicit information flows in Android apps [31] O. Bastani, S. Anand, A. Aiken 2015
P55 ShamDroid: gracefully degrading functionality in the presence of limited resource access [40] L. Brutschy, P. Ferrara, O. Tripp, M. Pistoia 2015
P56 WuKong: a scalable and accurate two-phase approach to Android app clone detection [241] H. Wang, Y. Guo, Z. Ma, X. Chen 2015
P57 Reevaluating Android Permission Gaps with Static and Dynamic Analysis [242] H. Wang, Y. Guo, Z. Tang, G. Bai, X. Chen 2015
P58 Andro-autopsy: Anti-malware system based on similarity matching of malware and malware creator-centric information [117] J. Jang, H. Kang, J. Woo, A. Mohaisen, H.K. Kim 2015
P59 EdgeMiner: Automatically Detecting Implicit Control Flow Transitions through the Android Framework [47] Y. Cao, Y. Fratantonio, A. Bianchi, M. Egele, C. Kruegel, G. Vigna, Y. Chen 2015
P60 What the app is that? deception and countermeasures in the android user interface [36] A. Bianchi, J. Corbetta, L. Invernizzi, Y. Fratantonio, C. Kruegel, G. Vigna 2015
P61 Scalable and Precise Taint Analysis for Android [113] W. Huang, Y. Dong, A. Milanova, J. Dolby 2015
P62 AutoPPG: Towards Automatic Generation of Privacy Policy for Android Applications [284] L. Yu, T. Zhang, X. Luo, L. Xue 2015
P63 Information-Flow Analysis of Android Applications in DroidSafe [92] M.I. Gordon, D.Kim, J.H. Perkins, L.Gilham, N.Nguyen, M.C. Rinard 2015
P64 StaDynA: Addressing the Problem of Dynamic Code Updates in the Security Analysis of Android Applications [305] Y. Zhauniarovich, M. Ahmad, O. Gadyatskaya, B. Crispo, F. Massacci 2015
P65 Potential Component Leaks in Android Apps: An Investigation into a New Feature Set for Malware Detection [145] L. Li, K. Allix, D. Li, A. Bartel, T.F. Bissyandé, J. Klein 2015
P66 Static Control-Flow Analysis of User-Driven Callbacks in Android Applications [275] S.Yang, D.Yan, H.Wu, Y.Wang, A.Rountev 2015
P67 Composite Constant Propagation: Application to Android Inter-Component Communication Analysis [193] D. Octeau, D. Luchaup, M. Dering, S. Jha, P.D. McDaniel 2015
P68 IccTA: Detecting Inter-Component Privacy Leaks in Android Apps [147] L. Li, A. Bartel, T.F. Bissyandé, J.Klein, Y. Le Traon, S. Arzt, S. Rasthofer, E. Bodden, D. Octeau, P.D. McDaniel 2015
P69 EcoDroid: An Approach for Energy-based Ranking of Android Apps [34] R.J. Behrouz, A. Sadeghi, J. Garcia, S. Malek, P. Ammann 2015
P70 Supor: Precise and scalable sensitive user input detection for android apps [112] J. Huang, Z. Li, X. Xiao, Z. Wu, K. Lu, X. Zhang, G. Jiang 2015
P71 Uipicker: User-input privacy identification in mobile applications [186] Y. Nan, M. Yang, Z. Yang, S. Zhou, G. Gu, X. Wang 2015
P72 Andro Lyze: A Distributed Framework for Efficient Android App Analysis [33] L. Baumgärtner, P. Graubner, N. Schmidt, B. Freisleben 2015
P73 Using text mining to infer the purpose of permission use in mobile apps [243] H. Wang, J. Hong, Y. Guo 2015
P74 Static reference analysis for GUI objects in Android software [210] A. Rountev, D. Yan 2014
P75 Static analysis for independent app developers [39] L. Brutschy, P. Ferrara, P. Müller 2014
P76 Cochecker: Detecting capability and sensitive data leaks from component chains in android [57] X. Cui, D. Yu, P.P.F. Chan, L.C.K. Hui, S.M. Yiu, S. Qing 2014
P77 Android Taint Flow Analysis for App Sets [135] W. Klieber, L. Flynn, A. Bhosale, L. Jia, L. Bauer 2014
P78 Amandroid: A precise and general inter-component data flow analysis framework for security vetting of android apps [251] F. Wei, S. Roy, X. Ou, Robby 2014
P79 AppSealer: Automatic Generation of Vulnerability-Specific Patches for Preventing Component Hijacking Attacks in Android Applications [295] M. Zhang, H. Yin 2014
P80 Semantics-aware android malware classification using weighted contextual api dependency graphs [297] M. Zhang, Y. Duan, H. Yin, Z. Zhao 2014
P81 DREBIN: Effective and Explainable Detection of Android Malware in Your Pocket [10] D. Arp, M. Spreitzenbarth, M. Hubner, H. Gascon, K. Rieck 2014
P82 Retrofitting concurrency for android applications through refactoring [160] Y. Lin, C. Radoi, D. Dig 2014
P83 Checking app behavior against app descriptions [93] A. Gorla, I. Tavecchia, F. Gross, A. Zeller 2014
P84 Information Flows As a Permission Mechanism [224] F. Shen, N. Vishnubhotla, C. Todarka, M. Arora, B. Dhandapani, E.J. Lehner, S.Y. Ko, L. Ziarek 2014
P85 Greendroid: Automated diagnosis of energy inefficiency for smartphone applications [167] Y. Liu, C. Xu, S.C. Cheung, J. Lu 2014
P86 FlowDroid: Precise context-,flow-,field-,object-sensitive and lifecycle-aware taint analysis for android apps [12] S. Arzt, S. Rasthofer, C. Fritz, E. Bodden, A. Bartel, J. Klein, Y. Le Traon, D. Octeau, P.D. McDaniel 2014
P87 Cassandra: Towards a Certifying App Store for Android [169] S. Lortz, H. Mantel, A. Starostin, T. Bähr, D. Schneider, A. Weber 2014
P88 Code Injection Attacks on HTML5-based Mobile Apps:Characterization, Detection and Mitigation [121] X. Jin, X. Hu, K. Ying, W. Du, H. Yin, G. Nagesh Peri 2014
P89 Efficient, context-aware privacy leakage confinement for android applications without firmware modding [296] M. Zhang, H. Yin 2014
P90 Collaborative Verification of Information Flow for a High-Assurance App Store [67] M.D. Ernst, R. Just, S. Millstein, W. Dietl, S. Pernsteiner, F. Roesner, K. Koscher, P. Barros, R. Bhoraskar, S. Han, P. Vines, E.X. Wu 2014
P91 Multi-App Security Analysis with FUSE: Statically Detecting Android App Collusion [207] T. Ravitch, E.R. Creswick, A. Tomb, A. Foltzer, T. Elliott, L. Casburn 2014
P92 Characterizing and detecting performance bugs for smartphone applications [166] Y. Liu, C. Xu, S.C. Cheung 2014
P93 AsDroid: detecting stealthy behaviors in Android applications by user interface and program behavior contradiction [111] J. Huang, X. Zhang, L. Tan, P. Wang, B. Liang 2014
P94 Apposcopy: semantics-based detection of Android malware through static analysis [78] Y. Feng, S. Anand, I. Dillig, A. Aiken 2014
P95 Detecting energy bugs and hotspots in mobile apps [24] A. Banerjee, L.K. Chong, S. Chattopadhyay, A. Roychoudhury 2014
P96 Static Analysis for Extracting Permission Checks of a Large Scale Framework: The Challenges and Solutions for Analyzing Android [29] A. Bartel, J. Klein, M. Monperrus, Y. Le Traon 2014
P97 Responsiveness analysis tool for android application [195] T. Ongkosit, S. Takada 2014
P98 Automatically exploiting potential component leaks in android applications [144] L. Li, A. Bartel, J. Klein, Y. Le Traon 2014
P99 Effective inter-component communication mapping in android: An essential step towards holistic security analysis [192] D. Octeau, P.D. McDaniel, S. Jha, A. Bartel, E. Bodden, J. Klein, Y. Le Traon 2013
P100 DroidAPIMiner: Mining API-level features for robust malware detection in android [1] Y. Aafer, W. Du, H. Yin 2013
P101 An empirical study of cryptographic misuse in android applications [64] M. Egele, D. Brumley, Y. Fratantonio, C. Kruegel 2013
P102 Targeted and depth-first exploration for systematic testing of android apps [16] T. Azim, I. Neamtiu 2013
P103 Sound and precise malware analysis for android via pushdown reachability and entry-point saturation [159] S. Liang, A.W. Keep, M. Might, S. Lyde, T. Gilray, Liang, S., Keep, A. W., Might, M., Lyde, S., Gilray, T., P. Aldous, D. Van Horn 2013
P104 AppIntent: analyzing sensitive data transmission in android for privacy leakage detection [282] Z. Yang, M. Yang, Y. Zhang, G. Gu, P. Ning, X.S. Wang 2013
P105 AppProfiler: a flexible method of exposing privacy-related behavior in android applications to end users [209] S. Rosen, Z. Qian, Z.M. Mao 2013
P106 Flow permissions for android [110] S. Holavanalli, D. Manuel, V. Nanjundaswamy, B. Rosenberg, F. Shen, S.Y. Ko, L. Ziarek 2013
P107 Slicing Droids: Program Slicing for Smali Code [109] J. Hoffmann, M. Ussath, T. Holz, M. Spreitzenbarth 2013
P108 A grey-box approach for automated GUI-model generation of mobile applications [277] W. Yang, M.R. Prasad, T. Xie 2013
P109 Structural detection of android malware using embedded call graphs [88] H. Gascon, F. Yamaguchi, D. Arp, K. Rieck 2013
P110 Estimating mobile application energy consumption using program analysis [104] S. Hao, D. Li, W.G.J. Halfond, R. Govindan 2013
P111 Characterizing and detecting resource leaks in Android applications [98] C. Guo, J. Zhang, J. Yan, Z. Zhang, Y. Zhang 2013
P112 Calculating source line level energy information for Android applications [142] D. Li, S. Hao, W.G.J. Halfond, R. Govindan 2013
P113 Smartdroid: an automatic system for revealing ui-based trigger conditions in android applications [306] C. Zheng, S. Zhu, S. Dai, G. Gu, X. Gong, X. Han, W. Zou 2012
P114 Why Eve and Mallory love Android: An analysis of Android SSL (in) security [69] S. Fahl, M. Harbach, T. Muders, M. Smith, L. Baumgärtner, B. Freisleben 2012
P115 User-aware privacy control via extended static-information-flow analysis [269] X. Xiao, N. Tillmann, M. Fähndrich, J. De Halleux, M. Moskal 2012
P116 Dr. Android and Mr. Hide: fine-grained permissions in android applications [118] J. Jeon, K. K. Micinski, J. A. Vaughan, A. Fogel, N. Reddy, J. S. Foster, T. D. Millstein 2012
P117 LeakMiner: Detect Information Leakage on Android with Static Taint Analysis [281] Z. Yang, M. Yang 2012
P118 SCANDAL: Static Analyzer for Detecting Privacy Leaks in Android Applications [130] J. Kim, Y. Yoon, K. Yi, J. Shin, S. Center 2012
P119 A framework for static detection of privacy leaks in android applications [176] C. Mann, A. Starostin 2012
P120 DroidChecker: analyzing android applications for capability leak [48] P.P.F. Chan, L. C. K. Hui, S. M. Yiu 2012
P121 DroidMat: Android Malware Detection through Manifest and API Calls Tracing [260] D.J. Wu, C.H. Mao, T.E. Wei, H.M. Lee, K.P. Wu 2012
P122 Static analysis of Android programs [200] E. Payet, F. Spoto 2012
P123 Estimating Android applications’ CPU energy usage via bytecode profiling [103] H. Hao, D. Li, W. G. J. Halfond, R. Govindan 2012
P124 What is keeping my phone awake?: characterizing and detecting no-sleep energy bugs in smartphone apps [198] A. Pathak, A. Jindal, Y. Charlie Hu, S. P. Midkiff 2012
P125 User-centric dependence analysis for identifying malicious mobile apps [66] K.O. Elish, D. Yao, B.G. Ryder 2012
P126 AndroidLeaks: automatically detecting potential privacy leaks in android applications on a large scale [90] C. Gibler, J. Crussell, J. Erickson, H. Chen 2012
P127 Hey, You, Get Off of My Market: Detecting Malicious Apps in Official and Alternative Android Markets. [308] Y. Zhou, Z. Wang, W. Zhou, X. Jiang 2012
P128 RiskRanker: Scalable and Accurate Zero-day Android Malware Detection [95] M.C. Grace, Y.Zhou, Q. Zhang, S. Zou, X. Jiang 2012
P129 Chex: statically vetting android apps for component hijacking vulnerabilities [170] L. Lu, Z. Li, Z. Wu, W. Lee, G. Jiang 2012
P130 Automatically securing permission-based software by reducing the attack surface: An application to android [28] A. Bartel, J. Klein, Y. Le Traon, M. Monperrus 2012
P131 Android permissions demystified [76] A. Porter Felt, E. Chin, S. Hanna, D. Song, D. A. Wagner: 2011
P132 Using static analysis for automatic assessment and mitigation of unwanted and malicious activities within Android applications [32] L. Batyuk, M. Herpich, S. A. Çamtepe, K. Raddatz, A. D. Schmidt, S. Albayrak 2011
P133 Analyzing Inter-application Communication in Android [53] E. Chin, A. Porter Felt, K. Greenwood, D. A. Wagner 2011
P134 PiOS: Detecting Privacy Leaks in iOS Applications [63] M. Egele, C. Kruegel, E. Kirda, G. Vigna 2011
P135 Energypatch: Repairing resource leaks to improve energy-efficiency of android apps [26] A. Banerjee, L. K. Chong, C. Ballabriga, A. Roychoudhury 2018
P136 A multi-view context-aware approach to Android malware detection and malicious code localization [187] A. Narayanan, M. Chandramohan, L. Chen, Y. Liu 2018
P137 AndroidOff:Offloading android application based on cost estimation [51] X. Chen, J. Chen, B. Liu, Y. Ma, Y. Zhang, H. Zhong 2019
P138 A SEALANT for Inter-App Security Holes in Android [139] Y.K. Lee, J.Y. Bang, G. Safi, A. Shahbazian, Y. Zhao, N. Medvidovic 2017
P139 LibD: Scalable and Precise Third-party Library Detection in Android Markets [154] M. Li, W. Wang, P. Wang, S. Wang, D. Wu, J. Liu, R. Xue, W. Huo 2017
P140 Self-Hiding Behavior in Android Apps: Detection and Characterization [221] Z. Shan, I.G. Neamtiu, S. Raina 2018
P141 Iconintent: automatic identification of sensitive ui widgets based on icon classification for android apps [270] X. Xiao, X. Wang, Z. Cao, H. Wang, P. Gao 2019
P142 Efficiently Manifesting Asynchronous Programming Errors in Android Apps [70] L. Fan, T. Su, S. Chen, G. Meng, Y. Liu, L. Xu, G. Pu 2018
P143 Semi-automated Discovery of Server-Based Information Oversharing Vulnerabilities in Android Applications [136] W. Koch, A. Chaabane, M. Egele, W. Robertson, E. Kirda 2017
P144 LibID: Reliable Identification of Obfuscated Third-Party Android Libraries [294] J. Zhang, A.R. Beresford, S.A. Kollmann 2019
P145 ADS-SA: System for Automatically Detecting Sensitive Path of Android Applications Based on Static Analysis [228] H. Song, D. Lin, S. Zhu, W. Wanga, S. Zhang 2019
P146 CDGDroid: Android malware detection based on deep learning using CFG and DFG [273] Z Xu, K Ren, S Qin, F Craciun 2018
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P151 StateDroid: Stateful Detection of Stealthy Attacks in Android Apps via Horn-Clause Verification [125] M. Junaid, J. Ming, D. Kung 2018
P152 Apkcombiner: Combining multiple android apps to support inter-app analysis [146] L. Li, A. Bartel, T.F. Bissyandé, J. Klein, Y. Le Traon 2015
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P166 DelDroid : An automated approach for determination and enforcement of least-privilege architecture in android [101] M. Hammad, H. Bagheri, S. Malek 2019
P167 Lifting inter-app data-flow analysis to large app sets [215] F. Sattler, A. von Rhein, T. Berger, N.S. Johansson, M.M. Hardø, S. Apel 2018
P168 Leveraging Program Analysis to Reduce User-Perceived Latency in Mobile Applications [304] Y. Zhao, M.S. Laser, Y. Lyu, N. Medvidovic 2018
P169 Graph Embedding based Familial Analysis of Android Malware using Unsupervised Learning [73] M. Fan, X. Luo, J. Liu, M. Wang, C. Nong, Q. Zheng, T. Liu 2019
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P171 Together Strong: Cooperative Android App Analysis [199] F. Pauck, H. Wehrheim 2019
P172 Android testing via synthetic symbolic execution [84] X. Gao; S.H. Tan; Z. Dong, A. Roychoudhury 2018
P173 Self-Protection of Android Systems from Inter-component Communication Attacks [100] M. Hammad, J. Garcia, S. Malek 2018
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P178 VAnDroid: A framework for vulnerability analysis of Android applications using a model-driven reverse engineering technique [190] A. Nirumand, B. Zamani, B.T. Ladani 2019
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