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Table 4 Top 10 crypto-currencies by DAO adoption, including number of DAOs that use them, and the accumulated funds converted to USD, as of 1st December 2020

From: A comparative analysis of the platforms for decentralized autonomous organizations in the Ethereum blockchain

Token name Token acronym #DAOs #USD in DAOs
Dai stablecoin DAI 51 6,229,754<DOLLAR/>
Ether ETH 50 14,714,446<DOLLAR/>
Sai stablecoin v1.0 SAI 21 15,013<DOLLAR/>
USD Coin USDC 20 5,878,148<DOLLAR/>
Wrapped Ether WETH 18 9,303,476<DOLLAR/>
Aragon ANT 15 12,824,896<DOLLAR/>
Panvala pan PAN 11 20,552<DOLLAR/>
DAOstack GEN 9 37,553<DOLLAR/>
Tether USD USDT 8 1,158,129<DOLLAR/>
Balancer BAL 6 331,744<DOLLAR/>