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Table 5 Top 10 DAOs by a total of cryptocurrencies in USD, as of 1st December2020

From: A comparative analysis of the platforms for decentralized autonomous organizations in the Ethereum blockchain

DAO name DAO platform #Funds in USD #Members
PieDAO Aragon 73,829,906<DOLLAR/> 2,881
mStable Aragon 38,263,266<DOLLAR/> 8
dxDAO DAOstack 17,581,208<DOLLAR/> 444
Airalab Aragon 13,263,696<DOLLAR/> 11
Aragon Trust Aragon 7,015,477<DOLLAR/> 5
Aragon Network Budget Aragon 5,903,309<DOLLAR/> 3
MetaCartel Ventures DAOhaus 5,619,718<DOLLAR/> 99
Aavegotchi Aragon 5,059,662<DOLLAR/> 3
API3 DAOv1 Aragon 2,991,833<DOLLAR/> 30
Aragon Network Aragon 2,932,121<DOLLAR/> 5