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Table 6 General Challenges Faced by Mentors

From: Being a Mentor in open source projects

Category Challenge Name Challenge ID
Process Difficulty in identifying appropriate tasks for newcomers Pro1
  Not having a formal procedure for introducing the community Pro2
  (*) Lack of established governance with processes and rules Pro3
  (*) Lack of process to shift mentors Pro4
  (*) Mentors do not participate in decisions to promote people Pro5
Technical Difference in the devices that mentors and mentees use T1
Personal Handling a large number of mentees Per1
  Difficulty in switching context Per2
  Difficulty in time-management Per3
  Difficulty in managing different accounts Per4
  (*) Not getting paid to be a mentor Per5
Interpersonal Cultural differences I1
  Communication issues related to time zone and place I2
  Lack of English language skills I3
  Lack of mentor’s interpersonal skills I4
  Adjusting interaction style to different mentee personalities I5
  Difficulty guiding mentees who are resistant to coaching I6
  Providing constructive feedback based on the mentee’s background I7
  Convincing people to start small rather than big I8
  Ensuring that the mentees finish their work I9
  Difficulty to keep the mentees engaged I10
  Difficulty in creating an inclusive community I11
  Harsh project atmosphere I12
  (*) Difficulty to track the mentees’ progress I13
  (*) Difficulty to manage a financially mixed team (paid and volunteers) I14
  1. Each participant could mention multiple challenges. Cells marked with (*) represent the new challenges we found in the present study and the participants who mentioned them