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Table 3 Experimental settings

From: Timed protocol analysis of interconnected mobile IoT devices

Parameter(s) Definition/Description Experimental Settings
tpost,tget at each timestamp (t) one post or get occur. Poisson arrival rate for tpost; Exponential inter-arrival time for tget.
δpost,δget the time period between two successive post or get operations. Exponential distribution for δpost with mean 10 sec.; Exponential distribution for δget with mean between 10 sec. to 40 sec.
lifetime message availability/validity in time. 0 sec. to 40 sec.
time_on,time_off connected (ON) and disconnected (OFF) instantaneous periods for receiving messages. time_on between 10 sec. to 60 sec.
timeout required time period to complete a request-response synchronous interaction. Derived from the measurements.