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R&D challenges and solutions for mobile cyber-physical applications and supporting Internet services

  • Jules White1Email author,
  • Siobhan Clarke2,
  • Christin Groba2,
  • Brian Dougherty1,
  • Chris Thompson1 and
  • Douglas C. Schmidt1
Journal of Internet Services and Applications20101:4

Received: 19 December 2009

Accepted: 25 January 2010

Published: 25 February 2010


The powerful processors and variety of sensors in new and planned mobile Internet devices, such as Apple’s iPhone and Android-based smartphones, can be leveraged to build cyber-physical applications that collect sensor data from the real world and communicate it back to Internet services for processing and aggregation. This article presents key R&D challenges facing developers of mobile cyber-physical applications that integrate with Internet services and summarizes emerging solutions to address these challenges. For example, application software should be architected to conserve power, which motivates R&D on tools that can predict the power consumption characteristics of mobile software architectures. Other R&D challenges involve the relative paucity of work on software and sensor data collection architectures that cater to the powerful capabilities and cyber-physical aspects of mobile Internet devices, which motivates R&D on architectures tailored to the latest mobile Internet devices.


Cyber-physical applicationsMobile computingSensor networksSoftware product-linesModel-driven engineeringSoftware architectures