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Autonomic live adaptation of virtual networked environments in a multidomain infrastructure


The trend toward cloud-based services is creating the need for large scale shared distributed infrastructures. Behind many clouds lay shared distributed infrastructures formed through the federation of many resources residing in multiple domains. Such shared infrastructures enable massive amounts of aggregated computation resources to be shared among large numbers of users. The core technologies enabling these distributed clouds are machine and network virtualization. Virtualization is the technology that enables the execution of arbitrary distributed applications on top of these increasingly popular shared physical infrastructures.

In this paper, we go beyond supporting applications in the cloud and support autonomic adaptation of virtual computation environments as active, integrated entities. More specifically, driven by both dynamic availability of infrastructure resources and dynamic application resource demand, a virtual computation environment is able to automatically relocate itself across the infrastructure and scale its share of infrastructural resources. Such autonomic adaptation is transparent to both users of virtual environments and administrators of infrastructures, maintaining the look and feel of a stable, dedicated environment for the user. As our proof-of-concept, we present the design, implementation, and evaluation of a system called VIOLIN, which is composed of a virtual network of virtual machines capable of live migration across a multidomain physical infrastructure.


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