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HCOC: a cost optimization algorithm for workflow scheduling in hybrid clouds

  • Luiz Fernando Bittencourt1Email author and
  • Edmundo Roberto Mauro Madeira1
Journal of Internet Services and Applications20112:32

Received: 11 November 2010

Accepted: 30 June 2011

Published: 3 August 2011


Workflows have been used to represent a variety of applications involving high processing and storage demands. As a solution to supply this necessity, the cloud computing paradigm has emerged as an on-demand resources provider. While public clouds charge users in a per-use basis, private clouds are owned by users and can be utilized with no charge. When a public cloud and a private cloud are merged, we have what we call a hybrid cloud. In a hybrid cloud, the user has elasticity provided by public cloud resources that can be aggregated to the private resources pool as necessary. One question faced by the users in such systems is: Which are the best resources to request from a public cloud based on the current demand and on resources costs? In this paper we deal with this problem, presenting HCOC: The Hybrid Cloud Optimized Cost scheduling algorithm. HCOC decides which resources should be leased from the public cloud and aggregated to the private cloud to provide sufficient processing power to execute a workflow within a given execution time. We present extensive experimental and simulation results which show that HCOC can reduce costs while achieving the established desired execution time.


WorkflowSchedulingDAGCloud computing