Open Access

An XRI naming system for dynamic and federated clouds: a performance analysis

Journal of Internet Services and Applications20112:38

Received: 19 November 2010

Accepted: 19 September 2011

Published: 15 October 2011


Cloud platforms are dynamic, self-optimizing, continuously changing environments where resources can be composed with other ones in order to provide many types of services to their users, e.g., companies, governments, organizations, and desktop/mobile clients. In order to enable cloud platforms to manage and control their assets, they need to name, identify, and resolve their virtual resources in different operating contexts. In such a scenario, naming, resource location, and information retrieval raise several issues regarding name space management. This paper aims to propose a standard practice for the implementation of a cloud naming system based on the eXtensible Resource Identifier (XRI) technology. More specifically, by means of the development of a Cloud Name Space Management (CNSM) front-end interacting with the OpenXRI architecture, we investigate its performance simulating typical cloud name space management tasks.


Cloud computingCloud name spaceCloud naming systemCloud federationXRIXRDS