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Applying evolutionary computation to mitigate uncertainty in dynamically-adaptive, high-assurance middleware

  • Philip K. McKinley1Email author,
  • Betty H. C. Cheng1,
  • Andres J. Ramirez1 and
  • Adam C. Jensen1
Journal of Internet Services and Applications20113:49

Received: 31 October 2011

Accepted: 12 November 2011

Published: 3 December 2011


In this paper, we explore the integration of evolutionary computation into the development and run-time support of dynamically-adaptable, high-assurance middleware. The open-ended nature of the evolutionary process has been shown to discover novel solutions to complex engineering problems. In the case of high-assurance adaptive software, however, this search capability must be coupled with rigorous development tools and run-time support to ensure that the resulting systems behave in accordance with requirements. Early investigations are reviewed, and several challenging problems and possible research directions are discussed.


MiddlewareAdaptive softwareHigh-assuranceEvolutionary computationUncertainty