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Table 1 Synthesis of the related attacks

From: A controller design for mitigation of passive system identification attacks in networked control systems

Attack Method Knowledge about the system? How the knowledge is obtained?
Stuxnet worm [16] Modifications in the Yes Experiments in a real system
Long, et al. [18] Jitter and packet loss None N/A
Farooqui, et al. [4] Data injection None N/A
Smith [11, 21] Data injection Yes Not described
Teixeira [20] Packet loss None N/A
  Data injection Yes Not described
Amin [6] Data injection Yes Not described
SD-Controlled [12] Data injection Yes Passive system identification attack
de Sá, et al. [17] Data injection a Yes Active system identification attack
  1. aIn [17], the data injection is not used to cause the disruption or degradation of the plant. The data is injected in the NCS to support the Active System Identification attack