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Table 8 Money donated from political party to another political party

From: Metrics for network power based on Castells’ Network Theory of Power: a case study on Brazilian elections

From To Amount
PMDB PSB R$ 18,075,976.00 (USD 5,477,568.48)
PMDB DEM R$ 1,600,000.00 (USD 484,848.48)
PSDB PDT R$ 816,000.00 (USD 247,272.72)
PSDB PSD R$ 576,000.00 (USD 174,545.45)
PT PC do B R$ 2,195,538.00 (USD 665,314.54)
PT PCB R$ 2,100,000.00 (USD 636,363.63)
PT PR R$ 1,542,200.00 (USD 467,333.33)