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Table 6 NS-3 simulation parameters

From: Multi-objective routing aware of mixed IoT traffic for low-cost wireless Backhauls

Transmission Power 22 (dBm)
Power Detection Threshold -78.0 (dBm)
Carrier Detection Threshold -62.0 (dBm)
Channel Width 20 MHz
Propagation Loss Model Log Distance
Physical Layer IEEE 802.11n
Physical layer model (NS-3) SpectrumWifiPhy
Transmission Rate 80 Mbps
Frequency Band 5 GHz
RTS/CTS Disabled
MAC layer Adhoc - CSMA/CA
Maximum Retransmissions Number 7
Maximum Queue Time 250ms
Topologies Area 400m × 400m
Minimum Distance Among Nodes 20m
Maximum Distance Among Nodes 40m
Number of Radio Interfaces 3
Stretch Factor (JRCAR and JILP only) 2.5