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Table 2 Summary of symbols

From: Efficient data dissemination protocol based on complex networks’ metrics for urban vehicular networks

Symbol Description
G Graph with all the vehicles in the scenario
V(G) G’s set of vertices. G
E(G) G’s set of edges. G
v A vehicle V(G)
Li(x,y) Current position with of x and y coordinates
id Unique identification of the vehicle.
N(vi) Neighbors list at 1-hop of v
listN(vi) Neighbors list at 2-hop of v
\(G[E^{\prime }_{u}]\) Subgraph containing the neighbors at 1 and 2-hops
ϕ(v) Function for identification of the cut vertex.
vCutting Set of identified Cut Vertices
v s Sender vehicle
v c Candidate vehicle for data retransmission
R max Communication radius
T Time window for updating