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Table 6 Perception category

From: What to expect, and how to improve online discussion forums: the instructors’ perspective

IDQuestions for Perception
1Is it possible to see through the forum the cooperation between students? (Do students cooperate through the forum?).
2Do you think that students see the discussion forum as a communication tool or only as an evaluation tool?
3In the forum, the agent that predominates in the debate is:
() Instructor () Tutor
() Student () Both. Which are?
4In your opinion, what elements of collaboration predominate in the forum:
() Communication () Cooperation
() Coordination by the instructor
() More than one. Which are?
5What are the difficulties you perceive in the students when they are using the forum? (Can students understand the structure of the answers in the forums?)
6What are the difficulties encountered by you as an instructor in the discussion forum?
7What are the positive points of the discussion forum?
8During the time you worked with Distance Education courses, have you ever been surprised by the forum?
9What do you think could be done in the forum to potentialize it? (Suggestions for the forum).