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Table 9 Forum improvements

From: What to expect, and how to improve online discussion forums: the instructors’ perspective

IDPossible ImprovementsInstructorCategory
M1Insert Facebook's “like” optionI1, I2, I8, I10CR
M2Mobile versionI1, I12In
M3Evolution of the class through some toolI1, I3, I8In
M4Tool that makes forum summary availableI1, I3, I4, I7In
M5Include audios, videosI1, I5, I10MR
M6Tools to aid in follow-upI2, I3, I6, I7, I9, I10ER
M7Improve the templateI2, I8In
M8Integrate WhatsAppI2CR
M9Multiple message viewsI3In
M10Collapse the messages and see the title of the messages before accessingI3In
M11Generate reports of who interacted and did not interactI3, I4, I6, I8EM
M12Generate summary and specific reportsI4, I6EM
M13Environment adapt according to student profileI4In
M14Better publish the forumI4In
M15Motivation strategyI4, I5, I10AG
M16Add graphicsI3, I6, I7, I8, I10EM
M17Leave the forum look like a social networkI7, I8In, CR
M18Improve flexibility, allowing the instructor more control with the toolI10, I11In, EM
M19Integrate with tools that promote reflection and discussionI10In, CR