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Table 1 Related Works

From: Evaluating flight coordination approaches of UAV squads for WSN data collection enhancing the internet range on WSN data collection

Related Work WSN relation Work & Tour Comm. UAV  
   approach approach Multi-UAV Coordination
This work Data collection Polynomial path planning ad hoc Yes Distributed
Dios et al.[24] Data collection TSP straight use V2I No Centralized
Several researches [5, 3237] Data collection TSP optimization V2I No Centralized
Jin Wang et al. [25] Data collection Choice of CHs by UAV tour V2I Yes, in isolation Centralized
Wang et al. [26] Data collection FPPWR V2I No Centralized
Some researches [43, 44] & [45] Data collection Optimization for area Coverage and relay through 5G V2I No Centralized
Mazayev et al.[22] Data collection with buffer TTL constraints Tour optimization upon constraints V2I Yes, in isolation Centralized
Ma et al. [51] Opportunistic data collection from mobile sensors Predefined static route ad hoc No Centralized
Berrahal et al. [57, 58] Data collection borders sensoring & video surveillance Predefined static route V2I Yes, in isolation Centralized
Jawhar et al.[59] Data collection, but in specific sensor distribution (LSN) Predefined static route Hierarchical V2I Yes, in isolation Centralized
Yanmaz et al.[47] Direct sensoring mTSP straight use V2I & ad hoc Yes, in isolation Centralized
Zhang et al.[42] Data dissemination w/ constraints Optimization for area Coverage V2I Yes, but static Centralized
Sharma et al. [31] Data dissemination Workload area divided by the number of UAVs V2I & ad hoc Yes Centralized
Thammawichai et al.[46] Pursue a single target or survey an area of interest for data relay Constraints optimization Hierarchical V2I Yes Centralized