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Table 3 Details of the evaluated devices

From: Deployment of a LoRaWAN network and evaluation of tracking devices in the context of smart cities

  RAK7200 RAK5205 WisTrio T-Beam Arduino + Shield
Microcontroller STM32L073 STM32L1 MCU TTGO Microchip
  Arm Cortex M0 Arm Cortex M3 Tensilica LX6 ATmega 328P-PU
  32-bit 32-bit 32-bit 8-bit
  32 KHz – 32 MHz 32 KHz – 32 MHz 240 MHz 20 MHz
Flash Memory 192 KB 512 KB 4 MB 32 KB
RAM Memory 20 KB 80 KB 520 KB 2 KB
LoRa Transmitter Semtech SX1276 Semtech SX1276 Semtech SX1276 Semtech SX1272
LoRa Antenna internal 2 dBi 2.5 dBi 2.15 dBi
GPS Transmitter Sony-Semicon CXD5603GF Ublox Max 7Q Ublox Neo-6M Ublox Neo-6M
Antenna GPS internal external external external
Power supply rechargeable battery rechargeable battery rechargeable battery external 5V CC
Cost (US <DOLLAR/>) 39.50 49.50 26.50 45.00