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Table 3 Stages 2 and 3 - Demographics for the Interviewed Mentors

From: Being a Mentor in open source projects

Participant ID Gender Years in OSS OSS Project
P1 Man 3-5 Apache Lucene, Solar
P2 Man 3-5 Gnome
P3 Man 3-5 RedHat
P4 Man 1-2 RedHat
P5 Man 6-10 Gnome
P6 Woman Over 10 Linux Kernel, Apache Spark
P7 Man 3-5 Not mentioned
P8 Man Over 10 Linux Kernel
P9 Man 6-10 KDE
P10 Woman 3-5 Open Hatch
P11 Man Over 10 ASF
P12 Woman 3-5 ASF
P13 Woman Over 10 ASF
P14 Woman Over 10 ASF
P15 Prefer not to say Over 10 ASF
P16 Man 3 ASF
P17 Man 3-5 ASF
P18 Woman 3-5 ASF