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Erratum to: Design and implementation of a social networking platform for cloud deployment specialists

The Original Article was published on 01 September 2015

It has come to the publisher’s attention that the original PDF version of this article [1] unfortunately published many figures in the incorrect order. The order of the figures has been updated in the original PDF and is given for reference below.

Fig. 1
figure 1

Integration of a collaborative social platform with repositories of information

Fig. 2
figure 2

DSLs comprising CAMEL

Fig. 3
figure 3

Evolution of total number of cookbooks on Chef Supermarket over time

Fig. 4
figure 4

Engineering and social activities are seamlessly interweaved within the PaaSage professional network

Fig. 5
figure 5

Personalized models page

Fig. 6
figure 6

Application model page

Fig. 7
figure 7

Models and components list

Fig. 8
figure 8

List of currently running applications

Fig. 9
figure 9

Users are constantly motivated to participate in social activities

Fig. 10
figure 10

Automatic provision of context-sensitive assistance when available

Fig. 11
figure 11

Evolutionary design of the application model overview panel

Fig. 12
figure 12

Main navigation menu

Fig. 13
figure 13

Statistical information and graphics for user’s models and components

Fig. 14
figure 14

Architecture of the Elgg Social Networking engine. Page handlers refer to functionality of implemented plugins

Fig. 15
figure 15

Application components. Component categories and components imported from Chef Supermarket

Fig. 16
figure 16

Distribution of Chef cookbook categories

Fig. 17
figure 17

Distribution of Chef cookbook dependencies in log-log scale

Fig. 18
figure 18

Frequency of issues raised during the first evaluation iteration with users

Fig. 19
figure 19

SUS scores

Fig. 20
figure 20

Scores of the individual PaaSage features: registration, finding a model, model information, finding a component

Fig. 21
figure 21

Users’ rating of model finding and model information

Fig. 22
figure 22

User requests for DevOps features to be included in the PaaSage social network

Fig. 23
figure 23

PaaSage features that were mostly liked by the users

Fig. 24
figure 24

The execution history of different cloud deployments


  1. Magoutis K, Papoulas C, Papaioannou A, Karniavoura F, Akestoridis D-G, Parotsidis N, et al. Design and implementation of a social networking platform for cloud deployment specialists. J Internet Serv Appl. 2015; 6:19.

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