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  1. Research

    Smartphone-based outlier detection: a complex event processing approach for driving behavior detection

    The majority of fatal car crashes are caused by reckless driving. With the sophistication of vehicle instrumentation, reckless maneuvers, such as abrupt turns, acceleration, and deceleration, can now be accura...

    Igor Vasconcelos, Rafael Oliveira Vasconcelos, Bruno Olivieri, Marcos Roriz, Markus Endler and Methanias Colaço Junior

    Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2017 8:13

    Published on: 26 September 2017

  2. Research

    Greening emerging IT technologies: techniques and practices

    The tremendous increase in global industrial activity has resulted in high utilization of natural energy resources and increase in global warming over the last few decades. Meanwhile, computing has become a po...

    Junaid Shuja, Raja Wasim Ahmad, Abdullah Gani, Abdelmuttlib Ibrahim Abdalla Ahmed, Aisha Siddiqa, Kashif Nisar, Samee U. Khan and Albert Y. Zomaya

    Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2017 8:9

    Published on: 18 July 2017

  3. Research

    Mapping the coverage of security controls in cyber insurance proposal forms

    Policy discussions often assume that wider adoption of cyber insurance will promote information security best practice. However, this depends on the process that applicants need to go through to apply for cybe...

    Daniel Woods, Ioannis Agrafiotis, Jason R. C. Nurse and Sadie Creese

    Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2017 8:8

    Published on: 14 July 2017

  4. Research

    Can FOSS projects benefit from integrating Kanban: a case study

    Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Agile Software Development (ASD) have both been recognized as important software development methods; they have many success stories and share some similarities. Howeve...

    Annemarie Harzl

    Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2017 8:7

    Published on: 6 June 2017

  5. Research

    Concurrency bugs in open source software: a case study

    Concurrent programming puts demands on software debugging and testing, as concurrent software may exhibit problems not present in sequential software, e.g., deadlocks and race conditions. In aiming to increase...

    Sara Abbaspour Asadollah, Daniel Sundmark, Sigrid Eldh and Hans Hansson

    Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2017 8:4

    Published on: 4 April 2017

  6. Research

    Object-NoSQL Database Mappers: a benchmark study on the performance overhead

    In recent years, the hegemony of traditional relational database management systems (RDBMSs) has declined in favour of non-relational databases (NoSQL). These database technologies are better adapted to meet t...

    Vincent Reniers, Ansar Rafique, Dimitri Van Landuyt and Wouter Joosen

    Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2017 8:1

    Published on: 5 January 2017

  7. Research

    A QoS-configurable failure detection service for internet applications

    Unreliable failure detectors are a basic building block of reliable distributed systems. Failure detectors are used to monitor processes of any application and provide process state information. This work pres...

    Rogério C. Turchetti, Elias P. Duarte Jr., Luciana Arantes and Pierre Sens

    Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2016 7:9

    Published on: 26 September 2016

  8. Research

    A survey of compliance issues in cloud computing

    Features such as elasticity, scalability, universal access, low entry cost, and flexible billing motivate consumers to migrate their core businesses to the cloud. However, in doing so there are challenges abou...

    Dereje Yimam and Eduardo B. Fernandez

    Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2016 7:5

    Published on: 10 May 2016

  9. Research

    Hitch Hiker 2.0: a binding model with flexible data aggregation for the Internet-of-Things

    Wireless communication plays a critical role in determining the lifetime of Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems. Data aggregation approaches have been widely used to enhance the performance of IoT applications. S...

    Gowri Sankar Ramachandran, José Proença, Wilfried Daniels, Mario Pickavet, Dimitri Staessens, Christophe Huygens, Wouter Joosen and Danny Hughes

    Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2016 7:4

    Published on: 5 May 2016

  10. Editorial

    Thematic series on service composition for the future internet

    During the last few years, there has been a growing interest around the development of new ideas envisioning the opportunities of combining Internet and Services. The “Future Internet” (FI) concept has been in...

    Marco Autili, Massimo Tivoli and Alfredo Goldman

    Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2016 7:3

    Published on: 21 April 2016

  11. Research

    SimAttack: private web search under fire

    Web Search engines have become an indispensable online service to retrieve content on the Internet. However, using search engines raises serious privacy issues as the latter gather large amounts of data about ...

    Albin Petit, Thomas Cerqueus, Antoine Boutet, Sonia Ben Mokhtar, David Coquil, Lionel Brunie and Harald Kosch

    Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2016 7:2

    Published on: 18 April 2016

  12. Research

    Automatic belief network modeling via policy inference for SDN fault localization

    Fault localization for SDN becomes one of the most critical but difficult tasks. Existing tools typically only address a specific part of the problem (e.g., control plane verification, flow checker). In this p...

    Yongning Tang, Guang Cheng, Zhiwei Xu, Feng Chen, Khalid Elmansor and Yangxuan Wu

    Journal of Internet Services and Applications 2016 7:1

    Published on: 20 January 2016

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